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Raymond Nevo talking about his childhood

Meet Raymond

Raymond is an unapologetic advocate who has proudly called Maryland home for the last five years. Raymond advocates with thoughtful intention, but is not afraid to ask the uncomfortable questions, or do the uncomfortable work. At a young age, Raymond had to learn how to advocate for himself and his family in order to have their basic needs met. Today Raymond uses his lived experience and public policy expertise to fight and advocate for those dealing with the same hardships he has faced.

Raymond has experienced homelessness, unemployment, inaccessible healthcare and discrimination as a gay Afro-Latino. And while any one of those could have been life changing, it was watching his 70-year old disabled grandmother get evicted from her home of 42 years, the home she raised him in, that solidified his pursuit of a career in advocacy. After seeing his grandmother spend a year homeless, and endure all of the hardships of homelessness, Raymond is dedicated to preventing others from sharing the same experience.

Raymond believes every child, parent, grandparent and resident has the right to a quality education, accessible healthcare, access to fresh foods, and affordable housing.

Read more about Raymond's journey in an interview with the University of Maryland School of Public Policy.


In one of the hardest hit districts in the county, recovering from COVID-19 is our biggest priority. In order to have the COVID-19 recovery that we deserve, bold policies must be adopted to address the issues exacerbated during the pandemic. To start, we must:

  • Prioritize increasing the amount of affordable, equitable, and energy efficient housing.
  • Increase accessibility to quality healthcare, and ensure providers represent the communities they serve.
  • Build additional, and update existing school facilities in order to reduce overcrowding.
  • Hire staff, faculty, and administrators that are representative of the student population.
  • Refund the community with mental health resources, increased access to information, and improved broadband signals.
  • Advocate for an updated system for police accountability.
  • Encourage civic participation from all residents by honoring transparency and improving language, digital, and physical accessibility to services and officials.

And this is only the beginning. Check back as we update and expand on our platform throughout the campaign.

Authorized by Friends of Raymond A. Nevo, Thomas Jones, Treasurer